How to Overcome the Reading Slumps

The reading slumps hit everyone, and I mean everyone. A reading slump is where someone has a hard time picking up a book due to certain reasons or they just are not in the mood to read. In this post I will help you get out of your current or future reading slumps since I am currently going through one of my own.

A good way to get motivated to read is by joining a reading marathon. A reading marathon or a read-a-thon is a set period of time that is meant to be dedicated to reading. This can be a weekend, a month, or just a few hours.

Change the genre of the books you are reading. I personally love dystopian books, but sometimes they can wear me out. To help prevent a reading slump I usually have a few books that are outside my norm. Since I am going to be a teacher I do have a pile of books that I need to read for my future class, just to make sure they are grade appropriate. The real reason I read the books that are in my library for the future students I will have is so that if a child really liked a certain type of book but doesn’t know what to pick next I can recommend something to them so that way they always have something to read.

Stepping out of your comfort zone with books is another great way to help prevent those reading slumps. Sometimes by stepping out of your comfort zone with a book can really open your eyes to other things that are out there that you originally didn’t think you would like. I know this might seem hard to do but once you take the first step into widening your horizons you will be so happy that you did.

Re-read your favorite book. This is something I do a lot. I have a selected pile of books that if I just don’t want to pick anything up, I will revisit these books. As weird as this might sound, I find comfort in reading something that I have already read because it gives me a chance to really look at the book more closely and just take it all in. There might be something that is going on in my life that has caused me to see this book in a different way then when I originally read it for the first time.

Watch BookTube! This is a great way to really get you inspired to read again. If you are like me, you probably look up the reviews of other people before really commit to a book. A lot of people on BookTube have ways to help you get out of the reading slumps just incase none of these tips work for you. It is also a good place to discover new books. I have found so many new books to read just by watching BookTube.

Visit your favorite bookstore or local library. By surrounding yourself with books and possibly a coffee, there really isn’t anything better than that in my opinion. You can also ask the people who work either in the bookstore or the library what are some books that they recommend. My go to is Books-A-Million. I have this one girl who works there who is my go to person. She knows little facts about the books I am looking for to add in my classroom but she also knows different types of books for me that I can read on my personal time.

Remember reading is suppose to be for fun and not work. If something you love to do becomes like a job, you will end up not wanting to do it anymore. It is important to read what you like and find what makes you happy.

To reacap,
1.  Join a reading marathon or a read-a-thon
2. Change the genre of books you are reading
3. Step out of your comfort zone with books
4. Re-read your favorite book
5. Watch BookTube
6. Visit the bookstore or library
7. Remember reading is suppose to be for fun not work


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