Rating System and Policies

My Rating System 

5 Stars – Loved this book and would recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed the overall reading experience. This book was amazing.  

4 Stars – Overall enjoyed the book but something was missing to where I couldn’t give it 5 stars but 4 was just right. 

3 Stars – I would consider this a good book and I would recommend to someone.

2 Stars – Huge problems in or with the book. More bad than good. 

1 Star – I didn’t even bother to finish this book. 

Review Policy 

I only accept books that I am genuinely interested in.

I read mostly Young Adult but I am open to other genres. 

I will accept either physical books, audiobooks, or ebooks.

All of my reviews will be honest.

If you believe I will enjoy your book and wish to have me review it, please feel free to message me. The fastest way to get in contact with me is to message me directly from BookBooth. To message me, on the navigation bar there should be on the right hand side, a space that says ‘Contact’ please fill the information out and message me there. You can also click the letter icon on the right side of the screen to email me. Please allow 24 hours for a response. 


I feel that I am very fortunate enough to receive books from either the authors or publishers. I will review the products that are given to me, however, my opinion with be totally and completely honest.

The things that are on my blog I mainly acquired for myself, but if anything has been sent to me that I have chosen to feature on the blog I will  clearly state it.

 Privacy Policy

I just wanted to notify anyone who views my blog that this blog has third‑parties that may be placing and reading cookies in their Internet browser.